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Fulfillment and Customer Experience Specialist

Mohala Eyewear

Mohala Eyewear

Customer Service
Honolulu, HI, USA
Posted on Saturday, July 8, 2023
Fulfillment and Customer Experience Specialist
Calling all aspiring e-commerce and fashion entrepreneurs!

Mohala Eyewear can offer you:
- Hands on experience working in a startup environment and learning how to build a brand from the early market stages.
- A purpose driven work environment where your work empowers girls worldwide.

You will learn:
- E-commerce fulfillment, inventory management, purchasing, and customer experience management and have direct to consumer touch points.

This position will expose you to all facets of business and entrepreneurship.

A little about us:
Mohala Eyewear designs sunglasses for all face shapes and every pair sends a girl to school. We have donated over 170 years of school in 5 years since we launched.
Most U.S. eyewear is designed for a narrow, Eurocentric face, leaving millions of women used to wearing glasses that are too tight, too narrow, slide down face, hit cheeks, or touch lashes.

Mohala Eyewear is an inclusive eyewear brand that offers three unique nose bridge fits, various widths, and adjustable frames made with your face in mind. These custom glasses won’t slide, fall off, indent cheeks or touch lashes.

Website: mohalaeyewear.com Instagram and TikTok: @mohalaeyewear

The Fulfillment and Customer Experience Specialist’s top priority is to ensure all e-commerce orders are fulfilled accurately and timely with products and packaging that meets Mohala specifications. And that all customer inquires are responded to within 48 hours with accurate, friendly responses to create an amazing customer experience.

Receive shipments
Pick up shipments from post office 3x per week.
- Inspect, check polarized lenses, count and check in new shipments.
- Update accounting with quantity ordered and quantity received. Report any damages, QC issues or missing quantities to the Production Manager in a timely manner.
- adjust inventory to remove damages from sellable inventory
Manage Physical Inventory
Oversee inventory of all goods to be aware of inventory loss and maintain accuracy on all sales channels.
- Take a monthly inventory count and report count to bookkeeper
- Organize backstock and unreleased inventory so it is easy to count
Keep backstock on shipping materials organized so it is easy to check inventory amounts and easy to pack
Monthly check inventory on boxes, packing tape, brand cards, stickers, wrapping tape and tissue
- Place reorders as needed so inventory doesn't run out. Pick up boxes as needed from box vendors
Research sourcing packing from more ecofriendly brands, make samples, and place orders for new packaging
Order Fulfillment
Ensure all orders (including comp orders) received are shipped out within 1-3 business days. ie if order arrives Monday it will be shipped out by end of day Wednesday
- Open order print shipping label write name of product on label
- Pull product and check QC adjust as needed
- wrap package and affix label
- ensure all orders are shipped out
Ensure all TBYB orders are packed properly for safe shipping

Pick up returns/exchanges and TBYB orders at least every two days from the post office
Process returns/exchanges within 1-2 days of receiving them.
Process returns through the corresponding e-commerce portals.
Respond to all emails sent to bloom@mohalaeyewear.com within 48 business hours
Respond to all customer comments, DM, and message on Instagram and Facebook within 48 business hours
Use necessary customer management applications to record customer information for future orders and follow up
Input any orders from IG Lives
Respond to all customer reviews

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